SoundTech Markets Served

SoundTech's thermal and acoustical insulation products are perfect for a variety of industries. Whether you're looking for automotive insulation or a new wet room, SoundTech can help. Many of our products can save you money while out-performing the alternatives. For example, our Scandatex Wet Wall System is 30-50% less expensive than the traditional ceramic tiles, and it absorbs 22% less moisture! To find out more about the solutions we offer, click through the links below. 

Automotive Solutions

SoundTech offers a variety of acoustical and thermal insulators that are ideal for the automotive industry. From hoodline absorbers to trunk absorbers, we offer noise protection that will give your cars, trucks or luxury vehicles the quiet ride your customers are looking for.

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Office Furniture Solutions

If you are looking for high quality sound insulation for your office or commercial building, you've come to the right place. SoundTech offers a variety of acoustical insulation solutions for office applications such as walls, cubicles and ceilings.

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HVAC & Appliance Solutions

Almost every large appliance or HVAC product requires some level of insulation to protect against noise or temperature. SoundTech has a variety of materials that are designed to insulate the key areas of your appliances. 

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SoundCoustic Products - Commercial & Residential Building Solutions

Installing acoustical solutions in your office or other commercial building can help to reduce distraction and increase productivity for your employees. Commercial noise control is easy to implement with the SoundCoustic™ Acoustical Wall System. SoundCoustic™ provides acoustic solutions that offer a number of benefits over traditional wall carpeting or sound panels.

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